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Product Details:
Product Length: 13.0 inches
Product Width: 7.5 inches
Product Height: 2.5 inches
Product Weight: 2.5 pounds
Package Length: 13.0 inches
Package Width: 7.5 inches
Package Height: 2.5 inches
Package Weight: 2.55 pounds
Average Customer Rating: based on 44 reviews
Customer Reviews:
Average Customer Review: 4.5 ( 44 customer reviews )
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Most Helpful Customer Reviews

23 of 25 found the following review helpful:

5Great productJul 29, 2010
By B. Sams
I used this on my Road King that I redid. I was going with an old school look and used the black wrap kit on the headers of my exhaust. Take your time to soak the wrap and apply neatly. After completely drying, spray several light coats with the included black silicon spray. I ordered an extra roll of wrap, however the kit was enough to do my dual exhaust. Mine has held up well and looks great.

15 of 16 found the following review helpful:

5DEI, Exhaust Wrap - Used on 2000 Honda Shadow 1100Jul 27, 2011
By DocPZak
Good product, easy to use and apply. Two 15' wraps were provided. I had just enough to wrap the header pipes (dual pipes), which is all that I intended to wrap. If you plan on wrapping more, buy an extra wrap. Wet them prior to installation and wrap from the back of pipe to the cylinder. This makes is better for aerodynamics that will prevent the wrap from peeling back at high wind speeds. The metal zip ties are ok, but I'd recommend using radiator hose clamps at each end. It looks cooler too. The pipes will smoke and stink pretty bad when you first start the bike. This is normal for the first little bit. They will also smoke when they get wet at first. Totally normal and eventually goes away. Overall, I like them. They look super cool as long as you're going for the old school bobber/rat look. They give the bike a little more bottom end and a deeper rumble from the pipes (at least they do with my bike).

I plan on using these again with my other bikes. Good product.

8 of 9 found the following review helpful:

5Great kit!Jul 11, 2011
By AlbertoZ33
I used this for my 2005 SV650S. I wrapped the front header, the y-collector and the high mount slip on pipe. After doing this I had a little bit of extra wrap and a bunch of ties left over.

Few steps to make it look great and last.

*clean rust off pipes before applying

*I applied the high temp black paint to the pipes before the wrap this is up to you

*soak the wrap with a hose outside and wrap it TIGHT

*put on 3-4 coats of the paint onto the wrap

*the wrap hardens a lot with the paint, and I suspect will last longer without fraying or discoloring like my old DEI wrap did without the paint or being applied wet

Great kit I'd recommend it to anyone.

4 of 4 found the following review helpful:

5Worked GreatFeb 09, 2012
By beardedsk8er
I wrapped the drag pipes on my '08 Harley Nightster with the black two inch DEI wrap and it seemed to worked great.

A couple tips for you. First, soak the wrap in water, as you'll get a tighter wrap, than doing it dry. Take the pipes completely off and it will be much easier to twist the wrap and keep the wrap from getting too twisted up with the pipes free from the bike. The water you soak it in will turn black after soaking so try not to splash it around too much and wear rubber gloves as its a mess. Wrap from the tip of your pipes up so the exposed edge of the wrap is down wind, meaning it will be less likely to come undone, over time. Definitely get some correct size hose clamps from a hardware store before wrapping as it will hold the wrap better. I used 50 feet of wrap and mis-estimated on my first try, as I wanted a really tightly wrapped pipe, overlapped the wrap so only about 1/4 inch was exposed for each wrap and so used more than half of the wrap just on the shorter pipe. So keep that in mind as you're not going to want to unwrap the pipe once you wrap it and clamp it down. On the second pipe I didn't overlap quite as much and so stretched it over the larger distance.

The pipe will definitely smoke for a couple days after wrapping and I let it completely dry and finish smoking before using the black silicon spray. I sprayed the pipes with the pipes bolted back on the bike but if you are able to it probably would have been better to spray them off the bike as you can get all the way around the pipe and not have to tape off your bike. Anyway, after spraying the pipes they smoked again when they heated up but that went away again after a couple days. Keeping them a nice black color with occasional light coats and they look nice.

4 of 4 found the following review helpful:

5Great ProductJun 21, 2011
By John Doe
Went on great, very messy if you soak it, but it makes the final product much better looking. The spray is great, cause after it runs for a while, the wrap fades out and you can just spray the wrap and its back to a nice black. I will definitely be wrapping all my bikes from now on.
Aside from the chinsy zip ties and the smoke this product is great. Do yourself a favor and get some screw clamps to secure the wrap. The zip ties just didn't get tight enough to make me feel confident hey were holding properly. The pipes will smoke for a couple days post wrap, while it cooks off impurities, nothing to worry about.
Throw on some tunes, grab a beverage and get wrapping.

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